Life on earth

Life on earth

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This chapter contains a series of articles related to the ways of life on our planet, its origin, its evolution and the conditions for its development.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Spain, life is defined as:

A form of organization of matter characterized by certain physical and chemical processes, whose conjunction allows it to self-organize, perform relationship and reproduction functions, and evolve.

At first glance it becomes difficult to give an adequate definition of life, because, when you look around, the great abundance and diversity of organisms that populate this planet, the Earth, overwhelms. There is talk of the origin of life, the evolution of life or the possibilities of life on other planets, but there is no simple definition of life.

In reality, life in the abstract sense does not exist either, what exists are living beings, and it is very difficult to establish the limit between the living and the non-living. In this aspect, life is the abstract entity common to living beings and in order to define the concept of life it is necessary first to clarify the characteristics that living beings must fulfill. We are going to that.

In this chapter:

The beginning of life: How did life begin? A clear and clear answer is not there, because when life began there was no one there ... Read pageThe Sun and life: One of the few points on which current scientists agree with those of antiquity is that the ... Read Page Children of the Stars: The origin of life is in the explosions of the great supernovae, which took place billions… Read page Theory of panspermia: Could terrestrial life be generated in outer space? The theory of panspermia raises the origin ... Read pageA carbon life: Carbon is the chemical element that sustains all life on Earth. In nature there are 92 elements… Read page Water and life: Water is the main component of all known life forms. They are only considered habitable areas of… Read page DNA, the code of life: Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is the molecule that contains the information of life… Read page The evolution of species: In 1831, the young Charles Darwin embarked aboard the English ship Beagle, on a journey that… Read page Mendel's laws and genetics: Gregor Mendel was a modest Augustinian monk from the Abbey of Brno (or Brünn), who never imagined… Read page Origin and evolution of the human being: About 50,000 years, a group of men and women left Africa in search of food ... Read pageBiodiversity and extinctions: After 4,000 million years of evolution, the most diverse forms of life populate the Earth ... Read pageThe human genome project: The international genome project Human is one of the most ambitious scientific projects of the… Read page Extremophilic life: The toughest life known is the invisible life: the mi Crooganisms and bacteria… Read page Can we create artificial life ?: Man has always dreamed of creating life in a laboratory. From Mary's Frankesnstein… Read page


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