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Spanish observatories

Spanish observatories

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Due to its special geographical location and its favorable climate, Spain is a prefect place for astronomical observation, which has led to the creation of different professional astronomical observatories throughout its territory, both in the Iberian Peninsula and in the islands .

Of the Navy
From l "Ebre
University of Valencia
Ramón María Aller
German Hispanic
Radio Astronomy Institute
Sierra Nevada
Boys roque
Yebes Center
ESAC Center of Madrid
Center in the Canary Islands
Madrid complex

These astronomical observatories have their own history and peculiarities, and from the Cadiz Royal Institute and Observatory of the Navy in San Fernando, the oldest, to the modern Observatory of the Montsec de Áger, in Lleida, each of them fulfills a mission in the world of astronomy

Astronomical observatories in Spain


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